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campaign will be thursday night featuring the vice presidential candidates, incumbent joe biden and paul ryan. i will be part of the msnbc coverage. led by rachel maddow, chris matthews and others. >>> when you watch this and constituent two presidential key baits, you should know what the meaning of half is. romney said the -- about half of those businesses they've supported have gone out of business. never mind that $90 billion hasn't been spent yet. never mind that only about $34 billion was allocated for that kind of clean energy business loans and never mind the energy department has only approved $16 billion worth of those loans. never mind the romney campaign said he was only talking about businesses that got those loans in the first year. never mind that only three businesses actually went under. forget all that and you're still left with the fact that most government will be on the hook for those businesses that went under is an estimated $600 million. or roughly equal to one half of $90 billion. roughly. i want to find out what my guests thinking we should know. let's begin wit
't a single word mentioned about the latter. thursday between joe biden and paul ryan voters will get a chance to hear what candidates have to say about a host of issues beyond budget, policy and health care. things like voting rights, women's rights, topics that were omitted last week between president obama and romney. the issue of sensible gun laws. the first presidential debate took place a short distance from aurora, colorado. a victim had a message for the candidates in an ad that airs during the debate. >> this past summer in a movie theater in colorado, i was shot. shot in the face and neck. but i was lucky. in the next four years, 48,000 americans won't be so lucky because they will be murdered with guns in the next president's term. enough to fill 200 theaters. when you watch the presidential debates, ask yourself, who has a plan to stop gun violence? let's demand a plan. it didn't get an area. joining us is comedian chris. john warner and rebecca, contributor to the magazine. i feel of two minds about the debate. focus is good. depth is good. i was appreciative they allowed depth on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2